Weather and Climate in Bath

Weather and Climate in BathBath is a city located within Somerset, England. Originating from the baths built during Roman times, the city became something of a spa to its residents and visitors. These bathhouses definitely play a role in the climate and weather in the country. The climate is temperate and, much like the rest of England, damp. Sometimes, Bath can be a lot wetter than the rest of the country, with an average temperature of only 10 degrees Celsius.

Due to the nature of the climate and geographical location and composition, there are not too many extremes or seasonal variances in Bath. This can be attributed to its seaside location. Though there are not large seasonal extremes, there are some variances to note.

As would be expected, the summer months are the warmest. In July and August the average temperature is around 21 or 22 degrees Celsius. There are only 1600 (average) hours of sunshine in the summer due to the type of clouds created by this climate. These ‘convection’ clouds are also the main reason for the amount of rain in the region.

The coldest the area gets is evidently in the winter but doesn’t typically dip below zero, with the lowest average temperatures sitting around 2 degrees Celsius. There are usually only 5-18 days of snowfall on an annual basis.

For some quick references:

  • November is the rainiest month
  • July is the warmest month
  • January is the coldest month
  • April is considered the driest month

When considering visiting Bath or the region as a whole, take the climate into consideration. The rain and warmth doesn’t bother some, however, others prefer the drier, warmer months. Unfortunately, the seaside location and heavy presence of convection clouds make it hard to predict and generalise when it comes to the weather forecast in Bath and its surrounding area. The good news is that, no matter the weather, it is a beautiful place to visit.