Things to do in Bath

Things to do in BathBath is a wonderful city with many attractions and activities for locals and tourists to enjoy. There are entertaining theatres, museums, sporting venues, golf courses, parks and casinos to name a few. Bath is also famously known for their Roman built baths which were built circa 60 AD.

Tourists should be sure to visit the Roman Baths which is a historical site within the city. The house in which the baths are located is a well preserved Roman site for public bathing. Although the baths were once used for public bathing in ancient times, today visitors cannot enter the water, however are encouraged to take part in audio guides explaining the baths in 12 different languages.

Bath is home to several theatres that attract internationally renowned theater companies and directors. Some notable theaters are Theatre Royal, Ustinov Studio, the Egg, the Rondo Theatre, and the Mission Theatre.

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After a full day of sightseeing, attending exciting sporting events such as Bath’s professional rugby team ‘Bath Rugby’ or taking in some of the incredible museums Bath offers you can settle in to one of the many fabulous restaurants or pubs the city has to offer and enjoy and excellent meal and well deserved drink.