Things to do at the Cottage

In case you run out of things to pass the time when you are relaxing at the cottage, here are some ideas:

1) Create a fire pit

Things to do at the CottageFire pits are easy to set up and are something the whole family can help assemble. Leaves, sticks, newspaper and cardboard boxes will help make a great fire pit. Don’t forget to create a boundary for the pit using rocks or stones.

2) Go on a canoe trip

Find a lake, river or canal to explore by yourself or with your loved ones. Canoeing is peaceful and enjoyable

3) Set up a tent in the yard

Kids will love this one. A backyard tent is like a fort and can be filled with books, games, pillows and snacks.

4) BBQ

The possibilities of what you can bbq are endless. Every single meal from breakfast to late night snacks can be cooked on the grill. Vegetables, eggs, bacon, meat, even bananas!

5) Visit somewhere historic

Most cottage towns, especially in England, offer some rich history and the opportunity to peek into the past and get a glimpse of life from a long time ago.

6) Hammock

Naps, books, drinks, all go great on hammocks. It’s like laying on a cloud.

7) Water Fights

Pool noodles, water guns and buckets make great weapons for a water fight on a hot day.

8) Roadtrip

Roadtrips are a great way to get out and find new beaches,restaurants, museums and enjoy some nice weather.

9) Hiking

If you are able to find a trail, hill or hiking path around, they are a great way to get in some excerise to work off that previously mentioned BBQ while enjoying some peace and quiet.

10) Try local beer and food

Most cottage towns boast amazing home cooked food and small, hidden gem restaurants and breweries.