Prices of Accomodation in Bath

Accomodation in BathIt is no secret that rent prices and fees are among some of the highest ranking in the country. This should not deter you from renting a cottage or vacation spot, as the abundant and ever growing student population makes Bath a place full of landlords with lower priced units as well. Another way to get a better price without necessarily compromising the quality of your vacation property is to consider visiting Bath during what would be considered their “off” season. Summer and Christmas are good examples of times where prices will be higher and lower prices harder to come by. Consider also sharing a home, flat or room by using a site like AirBnb, sharing costs helps spread the burden of the price across more people. Furthermore, staying farther from the downtown core offers more options within your budget, which is why cottages are such a great option. The places outside the hustle and bustle will be lower in price and you will get more space for the price you pay.

The prices of hotels and guest houses vary from 50 pounds all the way to over 200 per night. This means that price comparison, careful browsing and being a proficient shopper will help assure you find the place you are looking for for the price you desire. Prices fluctuate and sometimes deals can be made with landlords or the owner. Make sure to set a budget to avoid spending too much on a cottage, room or rental property.

Prices are not totally unreasonable in Bath, especially given the beauty of the cottages and rental properties. Most overlook some sort of nature, park or have an amazing view. Cottages are also a great option for larger groups, where the price actually decreases per person. For more information on where to stay and which areas are best, visit the other pages within this site.