Best Cottage Foods

Best Cottage FoodsCottages are synonomous with rest, socialization and a getaway. Cottages are not, however, synonomous with cooking, baking and groceries. The key to a relaxing cottage weekend is preparing and planning ahead in terms of meals.

Luckily in England, there are no shortage of restaurants and pubs, which allow for the ultimate hassle free meal. But for those nights where a home cooked meal is in order, there is something to be said for planning ahead. Consider making a meal plan before your cottage getaway. Your meal plan should include meals that may have similar ingredients to help minimize the amount of excess food and food waste. Consider meals such as:

• Cold salads (pasta and greens)

• Burgers

• Chicken (great for leftovers)

• Grilled veggies

• Pasta

• Pancakes

• Fresh Fruit

• Juice

• Sandwiches

Other tips:

• For meats and produce, pack with ice or ice packs to keep fresh and usable.

• Meats should be wrapped in plastic bags, paper or something to prevent leaks and contamination.

• Even further, pack a separate cooler for meats just to be safe and to save other foods.

• Buy the meats, produce and dairy (and any other perishable foods) last.

• It’s safe to keep and eat foods (especially meats) that are kept at 4 degrees or cooler, any warmer and it may be risky.

• Use thawed meats in the same day, they cannot be refrozen

Consider making some meals ahead and making enough to have leftovers the following day. Portable foods are usually your safest bet, things that can be eaten on the go. Going out for food is always nice, allowing for no mess and a great opportunity to explore and socialize. Remember to be realistic and pack what you need, don’t overdo it but don’t leave yourself short because there may not be any stores, or well stocked stores nearby.